Infra Hospicare, a division of the Hospicare Projects specializes in satisfying the tailored-needs of the stakeholder.

We are a team of Experts that deliver ‘best-in-class’ infrastructure in hospital turnkey projects. We help you by providing you with the right and appropriate choice of materials for your hospital construction at the best price in the market. Our team of hospital design consultants and hospital architects design your hospital in a way that is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing.

Our ceiling solutions include RCC slabs or Post tension slabs. False ceiling works include Grid/Gypsum ceilings, metal ceilings, wooden ceiling works, PVC ceiling works, and Loft coverings. We also provide you with a variety of interior and exterior paneling options that include Aluminium paneling, PCGI paneling works, puffed sheet works, etc.

The flooring is customized based on different needs and locations in the hospital. Specialized care is taken in flooring material and design choices in different areas like Intensive Care Unit, Corridor, Wards, Labs, Operation Theatres, Common area, etc. Flooring materials include Tile and marble flooring, Granite flooring, wooden flooring, Vinyl flooring, Epoxy flooring, and other specialized floorings based on client needs.

The wall finishes in both the interior and exterior are designed and chosen to enhance the look and feel of the hospital. We take an approach that strives to make the hospitals appear less frightening to patients who are anxious. Our array of interior and exterior wall finishes include brickworks, AAC blocks, solid blocks, weather blocks, Puffed panels, Aerocon slabs, Natural stone works, etc. We also provide interior and exterior cladding. As cladding material options, we provide wooden cladding, Ply, Glass fixtures, Stainless steel works, ACP, Clay tiles and natural stone.

At Infra Hospicare, we have assorted solutions for Doors, Windows, and Joineries for specialized needs. We not only keep aesthetics in mind, but we also consider the utilitarian aspect of the doors. For Example, we use doors with 2mm lead lining as X-ray Room doors. Other door solutions include Wooden doors, Flush doors, Fibre Reinforced Plastic Doors (FRP doors), Doors with acoustic partitions, Glass doors, Automatic closing glass doors and access controlled doors.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) works are also taken care of by the Infra Works of Hospicare Projects. The Mechanical aspects include Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning or simply HVAC systems.

The two variants available for the HVAC systems are Centralized system and Variable refrigeration systems. HVAC systems are specially considered for special zones in the hospital. Zones like the operation theatre require Laminar flow with HEPA filters with sufficient fresh air changes. Special wards and the ICU require fine filtration units with sufficient fresh air changes.

The electrical system remains to be one of the most important aspects of a modern hospital. All the equipment’s both medical and non-medical present in the hospital needs electricity. At Infra works we thoroughly plan the electrical systems to provide you with safe, reliable and uninterrupted power supply round the clock. Our electrical service line sources power from a local utility and distributes power throughout the hospital. We also meticulously plan and organize the electrical back up of the hospital. Depending on the need, diesel generators or DG sets are planned and set up, are planned, procured commissioned on-site, ensuring proper distribution of power meeting the requirements of the building. Designing and providing a proper earthing solution across the entire infrastructure is mandatory. Yet another inevitable energy source is the UPS back-up which ensures continuous and uninterrupted power supply to critical equipment’s and areas. Solar power back up can also be planned and set upon request from the stakeholder(s).

Our PHE or Public Health Engineering division of Infra Hospicare deals with the planning and execution aspects of water supply, sanitation, and drainage, rainwater or storm water drainage, water treatment system, sewage treatment system, etc. Sourcing and distribution of water (both hot and cold), generation and distribution of drinking water, drainage collection, stormwater drainage systems, re-use and disposal of rainwater, and pumping systems associated with any of the previously mentioned systems are a part of our PHE’s portfolio. We aim to ensure that sufficient water is provided to meet all the requirements of the hospital by providing a sufficient amount of storage. We also cater to providing specialized water requirements like RO water, DM water, and drinking water. We guarantee safety by adhering to BOD/COD demands and TSS levels within permissible limits. We provide safe and suitable treatment systems and special disposal system for the drainage from the radiology departments.

We also provide landscaping and elevation structures to beautify the exterior of the hospital. We provide hard and soft scape materials for landscaping, living wall concepts, medical grade floral, zero-maintenance water bodies, custom made for available space, and it’s a green hospital initiative as well. Our green hospital concepts with green healthcare infrastructure ensure better air quality, 20-40% energy savings, 35-40% water savings, good daylighting, and faster patient recovery. On completion of the green hospital concepts, our healthcare management consultants will help you get the green hospital certification too. The green healthcare infrastructure will provide you with cost benefits, in the long run, promote your hospital’s public image, eliminate sick building syndrome and makes your hospital one of the few eco-friendly hospitals.