Hospicare Smart Solutions

Hospicare Smart Solutions include Healthcare surveillance, Security systems, Communication and networking systems, Alarm systems, IT informatics, Data management, Emergency systems and IT infrastructure.

The ELV or Extra-Low-Voltage systems comprise of the following components:

  • CCTV surveillance
  • Biometric Attendance System
  • Access Control Systems
  • Data transfer and Capture
  • Networking
  • Voice communication systems
  • Public Addressing System
  • Fire Alarm system
  • Nurse Calling systems
  • AV solutions
  • Automation Solutions
  • Building Management Systems

Our security solutions provide the necessary infrastructure for security and surveillance systems. We provide you with closed-circuit television systems, biometric systems for access control and manpower management too. Our access control systems provide the selective restriction of access to a particular area or accessing a certain resource. Our security solutions are designed in such a way they ensure maximum and complete coverage. We also make sure that the security systems we provide are scalable and future-proof. Some of the brands offered for security systems are Matrix telecom security, Mircom, Spectra, HikVision, CP Plus, etc.

We also provide data capture, storage, and transfer solutions. We ensure that patient history, complaints, lab reports, duty rosters, billing details, and other such information are stored & shared in the hospital and can be accessed by the designated staff from anywhere.

The public addressing system we install comprises of a system of microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers to address patients or to make common announcements in and around the building. The Nurse-calling systems can be equipped with wired or wireless systems. Touch-based display systems and Access control are provided as options. These electronic information sharing systems are based on HL7/RS232 protocols. As a part of the fire safety, we install smoke detectors and fire alarms throughout the entire hospital as per the NABH recommendations.

We also undertake Building Automation or Building management software. Periodic energy audit assessment is also undertaken by us as part of the Building management. The factors that are taken while we assess the energy audit are

  • Efficiency
  • Quality Improvement
  • Attention to intricate details
  • Expansion and assessment of the infrastructure capabilities
  • Improving the relationship between the management and the technical team
  • Safe data exchange
  • Expansion of healthcare framework
  • Infrastructure compliance with standards