Hospicare Medical Engineering

The Department of Hospicare Medical Engineering works on NABH/JCI related compliance requirements to create a complete medical infrastructure. The comprehensive solutions of Hospicare Medical Engineering for Pre-fabricated and Pre-Engineered Structures include

  • MOT – Modular Operating Theatres
  • Medical Gas Pipeline Systems
  • Critical Care Areas
  • Healthcare Furniture and Fixtures
  • Stainless Furniture and Accessories

The surgical rooms are designed and constructed in a manner to boost efficiency, safety, and convenience of both the patients and the staffs. Our design options include Modular operation rooms and Semi-modular operating rooms which adhere to clean room standards and NABH recommendations. The operating rooms are available in Vinyl finish, PCGI finish, stainless steel finish, bio-clad finish, etc. The operating rooms can be equipped with Surgical and Anesthesia pendants, Operating LED lights, Hydraulic operating tables, Electrosurgical equipment, etc. We have the necessary expertise to zone the entire operating complex to maximize efficiency and convenience.

Another important aspect of a hospital is its Medical Gas Pipeline Systems. We provide medical gas pipelines with zone isolation valves which are non-toxic and seamless. They are decreased with medical-grade isolation valves. The manifold system and LMO plant will include a control panel, banking panels, LMO and concentrators. We also provide customized bedhead panels which are tailor-made to suit different needs. Pendants are available as rigid/swivel arm type, double/single arm type. All the pendants supplied are either imported or indigenously-made and sourced as per the requirement. The medical gas outlets are imported or of indigenous make with DIN/BS standards. Accessories include BPC oxygen flow-meters, suction jars, and regulators.

The Critical Care departments or Clinical zones of the hospitals such as EMR, ICU, Labour units, Paediatric and Neonatal Units, Cath Labs, Dialysis units, Transplant units, Blood bank, stroke wards, etc are designed meticulously and with utmost care.

The Dialysis unit is provided with a separate zone for the entire unit. The unit is provided with a mixing area and storage area. Dedicated RO supplies are fitted with as mandatory measures. The wash area is fitted with stainless steel sinks for the dialyzer wash. Plumbing and electrical systems which are unique to the Dialysis unit are also fixed. We also equip a special effluent treatment system in the dialysis unit to treat the effluent before discharge.

The CSSD or Central Sterile Supply Department is designed as per the NABH norms adhering to the workflow pattern. Micro and Macro space planning with 3D imaging of the CSSD is done prior to the project execution. The CSSD unit is zoned for a unidirectional workflow pattern as insisted by NABH. The CSSD is equipped with ETO sterilizer, Horizontal Autoclave, Flash Autoclave, Automated washer-disinfector and much more basis the requirements.

Hospicare Medical Engineering provides different Healthcare furniture and fixtures to suit the different needs of different departments. Specialized furniture for Wards, transfer of patients, operating rooms, Out Patient department, ICU, etc are some of the areas in a hospital that may need specialized furniture and fixtures.