Hospicare Essentials

Hospicare Essentials deliver you with the basic inevitable needs for a hospital. The essentials we include in the service are infrastructure-based and operations-based.

Infrastructure-related Essentials

  • Signage and way finding solutions
  • Storage solutions
  • Office furniture’s and fixtures
  • Curtain & blinds
  • Medical cubicle and tracks systems
  • Wall and corner guard protective systems
  • Grab bars and supports
  • Monitor stands

Our Signage and wayfinding solutions are designed, placement planned, produced and installed. The signage can be in bilingual or multilingual format. The contents of the signage are NABH compliant and are Info-graphically represented. Both Internal and External Signage are made available. The choice of materials for Internal Signage include Acrylic, Stainless steel, Aluminium frames, Curved modular frames, Backlit signs, Wooden, Foam board and Vinyl fixtures. Material choices for External signage comprise of Pylon, LED, Neon Signs, ACP panel signs, Cat-eye reflectors, Glow sign boards, Vinyl fixtures, and Stainless steel signs.

Hospicare Essentials provides effective and successful storage solutions. Our broad product variety includes medical cabinets, crash carts, hampers, and laundry carts, Narcotics cabinets, wire and shelving and carts, case carts, high-density storage carts, and distribution carts. Our Storage solutions include Modular storage systems with imported shutter systems. These storage solutions are custom-made as per the specifications are given. The storage solutions are NABH compliant and meet the requirements of NABH standard.

Office furniture for the admin staff and consultant suite furniture are also designed and supplied by us. Window blinds, door guards, corner guard systems, grab rails and supporters, monitor stands are some of the other essential furniture we supply.

We also provide wall and corner guard systems. Our wall and corner guards are available in wooden planks, stainless steel, alum-PVC guards, vinyl flex sheets, etc. All our products are made from medical grade low VOC systems. Grab and support bars are also another important aspect of patient convenience. We provide you with customized structures with a choice of 304 grade SS pipes, PVC lined MS pipes, etc. Monitor stands for computers and medical equipment can also be provided by us. The monitor stands are made out of aluminum extensions. It designed to enhance the convenience of the monitor mount with a customized base plate for specific equipment’s. It comes with an added accessory basket. It also comes with a height adjustable and swivel type base to easily position the monitor.

Operations-related Essentials

  • Medical Branding/Healthcare Branding
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Printable Stationaries
  • Patient folders and pouches
  • Linens and drapes
  • Biomedical waste bins
  • Clinical consumables
  • House-keeping supplies

Our healthcare project management consultants also specialize in Medical/Healthcare branding. Our Medical branding portfolio includes website designing. We are qualified developers with the necessary wherewithal to develop and deploy bilingual or multilingual websites. The other branding solutions we provide are Print and media ads, Outdoor marketing, Office branding, Corporate videos, Stationeries, handouts, business cards, brochures, etc.

We specially design Patient Folders and Pouches for your needs. These patients’ folders and pouches are made using polyurethane. They can be customized based on requirements. All the designing and production are done under one roof. The patient files, folders, and other miscellaneous products are made of quality materials that are high grade, durable and long lasting.

Linen works which include partition screens, gowns for patients, curtains, drapes can be designed and made by us. All our linen products are made with comfort at its prime. Our linen products are washable and completely made out of non-irritant materials and of low VOC content.

Keeping safety and proper waste disposal in mind, we provide different colored BIOMEDICAL waste bins for different types of wastes. i.e. different waste bins for wet waste, for dry waste, for glass waste, paper waste, etc.

Clinical consumables such as syringes, IV transfusion sets, IV fluids, vaccines, drugs, caps, masks, dressing material can also be sourced by Hospicare Essentials team. Housekeeping essentials can also be sourced from us as part of providing you everything under one roof.